4510 Series


Hydraulic work support is a replacement to the adjustable screw jack. This is not a force generating element but a resistance generating element.



  • Type: Pneumatic forwarding or Spring forwarding.
  • Standard stroke: 15 mm.
  • Support forces: 500 kgf and 1000 kgf (two models).
  • Rated pressure: 250 kg/cm².
  • Special sizes and designs available on request.



Hydraulic work supports are used to provide a self-adjusting rest for the work piece during machining operations. They compensate for work piece surface irregularities and prevent deflection and vibration under machining loads.

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Hydraulic Work Supports

5110 Series


Rotary couplings supply the pressurized oil to rotating and swiveling installations. They are mounted at the center of rotation of the installation.



  • Type : 2, 4 and 6 passage coupling.
  • Port size : 1/4″ BSP
  • Rated pressure upto 210 kg/cm²
  • Special sizes and configurations available on request.
  • Multiple fluid handling capability available on request.
  • Temperature range : 10°C to 60°C.

* We offer a wide range of custom built
Hydraulic Rotary Couplings

5210 Series


Rotary valves are used on rotary table arrangements where a number of fixtures have to be supplied with Hydraulic pressure. These valves are meant for very low speeds of upto 5 RPM. It is necessary that both loading and unloading takes place at the same position and that the fixtures are evenly distributed on the rotary table.



  • Type : For single acting and double acting cylinders.
  • Rated pressure upto 210 kg/cm².
  • Number of stations : 4, 6 and 8.


* We offer a wide range of custom built
Hydraulic Rotary Valves

5311 Series


Sequence valves are used in work holding circuits for pressure dependent sequence control. Compact size allows mounting directly to the clamping fixture. Requires only one pressure line from power unit to the fixture for single acting cylinders.



  • Rated pressure: 250 kg/cm².
  • Output pressure adjustment range: 20 to 150 kg/cm² & 100 to 200 kg/cm².



These Valves are mainly used in Material Handling, Construction, Earth-Moving and Agricultural equipment

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Hydraulic Sequence Valves

6110 Series


The Hydro-Pneumatic intensifier consists of a double acting Pneumatic Cylinder and a Hydraulic high pressure chamber. The Pneumatic Cylinder piston rod is forced into the hydraulic chamber resulting in high-pressure oil displacement.



  • Maximum output pressure: 200kg/cm².
  • Can be used to operate only single acting cylinders.
  • Intensification ratio ranges from 1:15 to 1:64.



Used for high pressure clamping from a low-pressure pneumatic power source.

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Hydro-Pneumatic Intensifiers

6210 Series


A Hydraulic Intensifier is used to boost the low pressure output of a hydraulic power unit. The high pressure output of the intensifier is used in clamping devices.



  • Type: Double acting.
  • Maximum Input pressure: 40 kg/cm².
  • Intensification Ratio: 1:5.
  • Output volume: 80 cc.



To counter the dead weight on the vertical axis of a machine – for example a Vertical Machining Centre.

* We offer a wide range of custom built
Hydraulic Intensifier